Terry Liu
Graphic Designer


Hello! I am Terry Liu a Package Designerand Graphic Designer

01. Dr.Teal’s

At Dr. Teal's nature inspired wellness, harnessing the power of plants to foster daily balance. Our commitment to natural materials and organic ingredients underpins individual well-being and Earth's health. Sustainable in-store services and refillable product options are touchstones of our environmental commitment, encouraging a harmonious relationship with nature and guiding us toward sustainability.

Package Design
Environmental Design, Social Media, 3D Modeling

02. NorthFace

NorthFace embraces the wild within, with our adventure driven outdoor apparel and gear. Inspired by the untamed beauty of nature, we empower explorers to conquer new heights and embark on unforgettable journeys. From rugged terrains to extreme climates, our innovative products are crafted to endure, while promoting environmental stewardship. Experience the thrill of outdoor exploration with NorthFace, where the adventure begins.

Brand Identity
Environmental Design, Social Media, Web Design,3D Modeling

03. Rise

Rise is a next generation smart garden system designed to bring the magic of nature indoors. By employing cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, it enables users to effortlessly grow their favorite plants with minimal effort and environmental impact. The self-regulating system adapts to the specific needs of each plant, creating a harmonious blend of technology and nature that transforms urban living spaces into verdant oases.

Brand Identity, Package Design,
Environmental Design,3D Modeling

04. Ice Hotel

Icehotel delivers a mesmerizing fusion of icy architecture, creative art, and playful hospitality. As pioneers of eco-conscious accommodation, we transform the stark beauty of the Arctic into fleeting masterpieces of ice and snow, while upholding respect for nature's balance. Our commitment to conservation ensures the preservation of this enchanting Arctic sanctuary. Our rebrand mirrors these ice structures' captivating transparency, drawing from the spectral blues of glaciers, the purity of fresh snow, and magical polar twilight hues, encapsulating the ephemeral magnificence of our icy refuge.

Brand Identity
Editorial Design, Web Design